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PRISM Tourism Company was established in 2010 In Istanbul Turkey with Registration Number 911861 and IATA33210063 with the purpose of moving from the traditional travel market to generate and launch online tourism reservation services. Nowadays, Prism Tourism by using the experiences gained from cooperation with international active and influential tourism companies and the commitment of its managers and personnel as well as the support of international partners by using its international online reservation systems can provide international travels and local services which you are looking for anywhere in the world.


Experience shows traditional market with few choices is not away from the international market.They are moving forward together with leading technology to provide different services and products at competitive prices. Our mission is to provide purposefully activities without interruption and bypass the traditional market to present the new ideas.

Distribution of Tourism

Our choice of standards enables us to work closely with leading tour operators and wholesalers from 56 countries on 5 continents, to get benefited. What makes the PRISM Tourism company unique is its cooperation with international suppliers and not approach the work retail channels.Inspired by the tastes of customized products and services for agencies to airline passengers, PRISM Tourism has brought the most unique and memorable travel experience for passengers.

Personnel and Managers

We have a motivated and professional team of employees who have passed the proper training, necessary to carry out the PRISM Tourism mission to communicate effectively with service providers and is nearly a decade to implement, our personnel’s fully engulfed how to offer the services to customers.

Continuation and Expansion

PRISM Tourism since its inception was intended to be used to develop products, Design, and implementation of financial and administrative software systems, Website business and tourism. Inexpensive reservation services for hotels around the world, flight booking systems provide access to over 100 airlines, no credit card needed to demonstrate knowledge on the variety of products and services, as well as the company’s managers and associated. Ever-increasing PRISM Tourism products and services we continue to develop our goals and more determined than ever before.

Customer Service

We have assigned their own account manager for each client to understand the client's needs completely we offer services tailored to the needs of both sides to prevent wasting time. Also based on your tastes, you can offer incentives for greater efficiency. Be sure to visit us regularly with your customers from your offices' services we update products and new opportunities.


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