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With just an internet connection and a web browser you can access our entire hotel database and check live availability at any time of day Book hotels very easy
Our streamlined process allows you to book, amend or cancel hotel reservations in just a few clicks, with the information simultaneously relayed to all parties
Advanced search facilities Whatever type of hotel you are looking for, our innovative search feature allows you to specify the criteria and organize the results
as desired Detailed and independent hotel information. All our hotels feature a comprehensive guide created by our dedicated content team, including photos, maps,
amenities and descriptions.Our Products for Hotels PRISM Tourism presents you with an incredible database of more 600.000 global hotels to book from. We offer you
a range of hotels to suit any budget and taste. You can also choose from a number of different room categories and board basis options. All our hotels meet the highest
fire, health and safety standards, while our dedicated contractors personally negotiate the lowest possible rates. Whatever type of accommodation you're looking for;
we have the perfect properties for you.
Special offers Benefit from a selection of special rates for certain hotels. You can choose from the following:

• Minimum night stays

• Early bird specials

• Non-refundable options

• Market specific rates

• Secret hotels


PRISM Tourism employs a dedicated content team to ensure the quality of all our hotel guides. Our talented content editors guarantee the accuracy of all hotel information,
giving you peace of mind when booking new and unfamiliar hotels. Our comprehensive hotel guides are also being professionally translated into other major languages, which
will enable you to access all the details for each hotel in your native tongue.
"We provide you with some of the best and most accurate multi-lingual hotel guides in the industry"

Benefits our content

Comprehensive hotel guides Every hotel added to our database features a full guide created by our dedicated content team, including photos, maps, amenities and descriptions

Verified hotel information

All the information provided by our hotel partners is checked for accuracy, and more details are researched to guarantee you a comprehensive and reliable guide

Professional descriptions

Our talented content editors write promotional yet impartial descriptions for each hotel, providing you relevant information in a number of designated sections

Hand selected images

We consult our hotel partners to ensure we only publish high quality photographs relevant to the leisure market and the specific room being sold, up to a maximum of 12
Individually geocoded hotel locations The exact GPS coordinates of every hotel are verified by us and logged into an interactive map, providing you accurate hotel
locations Translations into 3 different languages Our guides are in the process of being translated into the following languages: English, Persian and Arabic.




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