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If now you have Username and Password to login to www.prismtourism.com and can make booking so you accepted our terms and Conditions in below and current Terms and Conditions will be official contract between you or your company by registered your personal or company information in our system and our company,
If you are not accepted above our Terms and Conditions please do not use the system or make any booking and send an email to help@prismtourism.com and inform us for closing your access as soon as possible,
Bookings are restricted to a maximum of 4 rooms per hotel on similar dates. Any additional bookings required need to be processed through PRISM Tourism 's special group department.
The technical organization of this program has been produced by Prism Tur and PRISM Tourism Brands,
The published rates are valid for the period indicated by each hotel or service.
exclusively through travel agencies.
Prices are inclusive of VAT. Hotel rates are converted into Euro, based on the exchange rate as at 1st Dec 2003, for those located outside the Eurozone. There could be changes due to fluctuations in these currencies. All the published prices with commissions for the Travel Agency are based on hotel establishments, ground services or airline companies, with whom we have contracts for special prices with specific room allocations; equally with places in other services such as transfers. When these allocations are complete, other rates will be made available at the moment of booking.
PRISM Tourism is not responsible for any possible typographical errors that may occur in this brochure.
The Travel Agency will use the voucher-fax or Voucher email system used by the prism, alternatively, a voucher can be issued according to PRISMTourism's booking instructions at the moment of confirmation of the services.
Prices always include VAT and taxes. However, in some French areas, there is also a local tax, "taxe sejour", which should be paid directly and ranges between 0.8 and 1 EURO per person per day. In some Amsterdam hotels, a local tax of 4 EURO is applicable. 
No booking will be considered confirmed until the travel agency sends payment or the requested deposit for the booking. All confirmed bookings are guaranteed, whatever the arrival time to the hotel, therefore any no show will require full cost (100% charges).
The total of the services booked through prism must be paid in USD or Euro and this payment must be made at least 48hours prior to the client's first service. In special cases, for the type of service, event, Congress, fair or type of product the total or partial payment may be requested at the moment of confirmation, independent of the date the service is required.
The failure of a client to arrive for a booking is regarded as a serious breach of the contract by contracting PRISM as it damages the interest and image of the travel agency. A client cannot be refunded any costs for "no show" or "nonappearance" without previous consultation and authorization from PRISM.
Due to the diversity of destinations and establishments, the expenses generated by a cancellation vary according to the establishment, the destination and the dates of the booking. However, a minimum cancellation notice of 48 hours before the start date will always be considered unchangeable.
A traveler may transfer their booking to a third party up to 15 days prior to the travel date, and both travelers will equally comply with the cost of transfer and the total cost of the journey.
Refunds are always made via the travel agency where the booking was made. No refunds will be made for services voluntarily not used by clients. Any booked service that is not used will not be refunded without previous authorization from Prism.
Any complaint must be presented to both the service provider and Prism in writing immediately or up to a month after the end date of the service. After this time, the prism cannot guarantee to attend to any complaints.
When a journey also includes travel by air, not only do the General Conditions apply but also those conditions stipulated in the contract agreed to by the client in each case.
The dates given for these sorts of events are liable to changes. It is strongly advised to check with the event's organizer prior to confirming dates. Prism will not accept responsibility for any changes in dates that occur without previous notice. 
Prism’s function originates from its role as mediator, acting as coordinator or broker between the travel agencies and the different establishments or agencies at the destinations on offer. This intervention as coordinator or mediator exempts Prism from all responsibility for damage or injury, both personal and material, that client-users may incur during the course of their travels. Prism declines all responsibility arising from damages the traveler may suffer as a consequence of accidents, transport delays, robbery or misplacement of their goods or luggage during the course of their travels, including additional expenses to those already paid, arising from unforeseen circumstances beyond Prism control, unless these are directly attributable to Prism ; therefore coverage by a separate insurance policy is strongly recommended. If exceptional circumstances dictate or counsel changing any booking to something other than its initial form, Prism reserves the right to make the changes with no other obligation than that of informing the applicant agency of that change.
Travel Agencies choosing to make bookings through Prism .implicitly accept the conditions laid out here, along with those specific conditions applicable at each of the destinations on offer and that are operated by our organization.

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